Event #13 Pawn March

Event #13 Pawn March


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #13 Pawn March

Condition: At least 2 pawns for each player

Players can move 2 pawns each turn. However when moving 2 pawns during the same turn, neither move can be a capture. A player is allowed to leave himself in check after the first move, but not the second one.

Note: It must be 2 different pawns moving during the same turn. One pawn can not move twice.

Example 1:

White plays e4, d4


Example 2:

White plays dxc5. Since it was a capturing move, he can not make a second pawn move. If white started with b4, then whites second pawn move can not be a capturing move either.

Example 3:

Whites last move were d2-d4, e2-e4. Black can play either en passant cxd3 or fxe3 (but not both since they are capturing moves).

Example 4:

White plays b8=Q, h8=Q#


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