Event #96 En Passant for all

Event #96 En Passant for all


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #96 En Passant for all

Condition: None

After each move, a piece can get captured on the next move on any square that piece passed. The piece that capture will first move to the passed square and then the captured piece will get removed.

Note 1: The special en passant capture can not be made on the turn this event starts (since the move enabling the en passant capture must be made after the event started).

Note 2: Pieces that jumps, such as the knights are not passing squares, so they can not be captured en passant after jumping.

Note 3: The square a piece started moving from does not count as a passed square.

Example 1:

After white plays Rh4 there are a number of possible captures available. The rook is passing b4, c4, d4, e4, f4 and g4, so any black piece that can capture on any of those squares are able to capture en passant on those squares. Possible captures are: axb4, bxc4, cxb4, cxd4, Nxb4, Nxf4, Bxd4, Bxf4, Rxf4, Qxf4, Qxg4, Qxh4, Kxg4, Kxh4. A move that is not possible is bxa4 since the rook did not pass the a4 square (it just started there). The moves b4 and c4 can be made, but since pawns can not capture when they move forward it will not be an en passant capture. In this case black played Nxb4.

Example 2:

After 2.Qxf7+ it is not checkmate since black can play 2...hxg6

Also note that the pawn on f7 remains captured.


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