Event #9 Pit Traps

Event #9 Pit Traps


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #9 Pit Traps

Condition: None

Both players chooses a square and keep the chosen square hidden to his opponent. The chosen square can not be be occupied by a piece.

Whenever a piece lands on a chosen square, the square must be revealed (regardless who's piece it was that moved there). Then the piece that landed on that square will be removed as though it was captured (it fell into the trap). The trap will still be there after it is revealed, so any piece landing on that square after it is revealed will also be removed.

If a royal piece (normally king) gets removed by walking into the trap, then it is treated the same as if the piece was checkmated (normally a win for the opponent).


Note: Pits does not affect legal moves as all. They will just trigger when a piece lands on them. Players can safely castle over a trap without loosing their king (although they may lose a rook or king if they land on the trap).

Example 1:

White choose the square h4, black choose the square c3. Black plays Qh4. White reveals that h4 was his chosen square and blacks queen gets removed.

White plays Nc3. Black reveals that c3 was his chosen square and whites knight gets removed.

Game continued Be7 b3

Black forgot that the trap was still there and played Bh4 and therefor his bishop was also removed.

Example 2:

White choose the square f6. Black choose the square g1. White plays 0-0. Black reveals that g1 was his chosen square and black wins, since whites king falling into the trap is treated the same as checkmate.

Example 3:

White choose the square f6. Black choose the square g1. Regardless whether the squares has been previously revealed or not Kg1 is a legal move for white, so white plays Kg1 and then loses the game as he walked into the trap.


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