Event #56 Attractive Queen

Event #56 Attractive Queen


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #56 Attractive Queen

Condition: At least 1 queen for each player

Queens get a special move that they can perform during a turn. The move is called attract.

When performing an attract the queen will stand still on its square and force all pieces (friend and foe) that are standing up to 3 squares horizontal, vertical or diagonal away from it to move. The pieces will move 1 square towards the queen if possible (if it is not possible, then they will stand still).

If performing an attract would cause no piece to move, then the move is not legal.

The blue squares indicates which squares pieces need to stand on to be affected by the queens attract.

Notation: Q<3 or Q🧡 or Q😘


White plays Q😘 (queen performs an attract).

The pawn on e6 moves to e5.

The knight on g6 moves to f5.

The pawn on h7 moves to g6.

The pawn on c2 moves to d3.

The pawn on e2 moves to e3.

The pawn on g2 moves to f3.

The knight on d5 cannot move, so it is unaffected.

The rook on a8 and the pawns on d2 and f2 are not within the range of the queens attract and is unaffected.

If it would be whites move, then white is not allowed to use an attract, since it would cause no piece to move.


gyrados06 - Waredude #2