Event #91 Variety

Event #91 Variety


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #91 Variety

Condition: None

Starting from the current players next turn, the same piece may not move 2 turns in a row.


Note 1: Castling counts as both moving the king and rook, so after castling the player may not move his king or rook during his next turn.

Note 2: Promotion counts as still being the same piece. So if a pawn promotes the new piece may not move during his next turn.

Note 3: A piece being unable to move the next turn means that piece can not deliver any check/checkmate (since it is not threatening to capture the king yet).

Note 4: If a player has only 1 piece that could normally move, but is not allowed to because it moved during the previous turn, then the game will end in stalemate/checkmate depending if the king is threatened.


Example 1:

White plays 7.cxd4 This does not put white into check since blacks queen is not allowed to move on the next turn.

Black play 7...exd4


Example 2:


Example 3: