Event #4 5-check

Event #4 5-check


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #4 5-check

Condition: Can not be started with a Remove Check event.

If a player performs 5 checks that player wins the game. Checks made before this event start does not count. It is not allowed to leave yourself in check to win this way.

Example 1:

If the event started here, then blacks last move that checked white does not count towards the 5 checks he can perform to win.

Example 2:

Here black plays Bxc3+. Since it is a check, black needs 4 more checks to win.

Example 3:

White plays Rb1+. It is the 5th check white makes after the event started. White wins the game.

Example 4:

White has checked black 4 times after the event started. Black just made his first check. White is not allowed to play Rh8+ to try to win by checking 5 times, since he needs to get out of check. Game continues Rd1 Rxd1#. Black wins by checkmate.


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