Event #23 Hungry horses

Event #23 Hungry horses


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #23 Hungry horses

Condition: At least 1 knight for each player

Knights can capture allied non-royal pieces.

When a knight capture an allied piece, the knight can move again during the same turn.

A knight threatening to capture a king using multiple moves does not count as a check. It is only a check if the king can be captured in 1 move.

Capturing the enemy king is treated the same as if that king was checkmated. Winning the game by king capture is allowed, even when a player is in check.


Example 1:

White plays Nxf3, Nxe5


Example 2:

White plays Nxf3, Nxg5, Nxf7, Nxh8. Since white captured blacks king, white wins the game.

If it was blacks move, however, It would not count as checkmate since whites knight is not threatening to capture blacks king in 1 move. Black would be stalemated.


Example 3:

White can not play Nxc6, Nxb8. Whites knight is not allowed to capture allied royal pieces (allied king).


Example 4:

White plays Nxf2, Nxd1. White is allowed to temporarily leave himself in check as long as he is not in check at the end of the turn.


Example 5:

White plays Nxg5, Nxf7. It is allowed to leave yourself in check if you win by capturing the enemy king.


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