Event #58 Princess

Event #58 Princess


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #58 Princess

Condition: At least 1 queen for each player.

Both players chooses one of their pawns and keep the chosen pawn hidden to his opponent. Whenever a players last queen becomes captured the player that lost their queen reveals their chosen pawn and replaces that pawn with a queen.

If replacing the pawn with a queen would cause the player that moved to be in check, then the move must be taken back and a different move (with any piece) be made.


Example 1:

White choose the f2 pawn. Black choose the f7 pawn. White plays Qxa1. Since black has a queen left (not his last queen) nothing special happens.

Black plays Rxa1. Since he captured whites last queen, white reveals that he choose the f2 pawn and replaces it with a queen.

White plays Qxf7+. Nothing special happens, black does not need to reveal that his chosen pawn got captured. It just means that black will not have a pawn to replace with a queen after he looses his last queen.


Example 2:

White choose the pawn a2. Black choose the pawn d7. Black plays Rxh7. White reveals that his chosen pawn was a2. Since replacing that pawn with a queen would cause black to be in check Rxh7 is an illegal move and a different move must be made. Black plays Ke8.

White plays Qf7#

Since capturing the queen with Kxf7 would cause black to be in check by the new queen on a2 black has no legal moves. He is checkmated.


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