Event #67 Emperor

Event #67 Emperor


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #67 Emperor

Condition: At least 1 king for each player.

If a white king reaches e8, white wins the game. If a black king reaches e1 black wins the game. It is allowed to move the king to these squares to win, even if it would result in the king being checked.

Kings can jump over pieces, like in Chinese Checkers in addition to their normal movement. This means a king can jump over a piece that is standing next to it (horizontal, vertical or diagonal or 1 square away from it). The king will land on the other side and the destination square must be empty (no captures while jumping). Then if it is standing next to a new piece it may jump again during the same turn. It can continue jumping any number of times during the same turn. However when it has finished jumping it may not end up in the same square as it started.

Example 1:

White plays Ke8, since whites king reached e8 white wins the game.

Example 2:

Black plays Ke1. Since blacks king reached e1 black wins the game. This move is allowed, despite blacks king putting itself into check (and since black has a legal move he is not checkmated).


Example 3:

White plays Kg1-g3 to excape the check (Kg1-e3 was also an option).

Example 4:

White plays Ke2-e4-e6-e8. Whites king reached e8. White wins the game.

Example 5:

Black plays Kg7-e5-c7-a7-a5-c5-e3-c1-e1. Blacks king reached e1, black wins the game.


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