Event #16 Spies

Event #16 Spies


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #16 Spies

Condition: At least 1 pawn for each player

Both players chooses one of their opponents pawns and keep the chosen pawn hidden to his opponent. The chosen pawn becomes a spy.

As a move a player can reveal which pawn they chose as a spy and replace it with with a pawn of his own color. However a pawn can not be replaced this way until both players have made at least 1 move after this event starts.

If a spy promotes, it can no longer be replaced.


Note: Switching sides of the pawn takes up a move.

Note 2: You do not need to tell your opponent if the spy gets captured.


Example 1:

If the event just started, then neither player can reveal their spy yet until both players have made a move. However, if both players have made a move after the event started, then since white choose the f7 pawn he can replace it with a white pawn and checkmate. @f7#

Example 2:

Black choose the a2 pawn. Black reveals that he chose the a2 pawn and replaces it with a black pawn.