Event #1 Check For Allies

Event #1 Check For Allies


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #1 Check For Allies

Condition: Can not be started with a Remove Check Event.

Whenever a player puts his opponent in check, then that opponent must put one of the checking players missing pieces on a starting square for that piece. If this can't be done, then the game just continues without adding a new piece on the board.


Note: Missing pieces refer to any piece a player has less of than he started with. So a player with 1 bishop is for example missing a bishop since the game started with 2 bishops. If a player promotes a pawn, so he has 2 queens and 7 pawns, then he is missing a pawn. If either of the 2 queens get captured after promotion, then he is not missing a queen since he started the game with 1 queen and he has 1 queen remaining.

Example 1:

White plays Bxf7+. Since black is in check he is supposed to put one of whites missing pieces on a starting square. However, white has not lost a single piece this game, so nothing special happens.

Example 2:

White plays Ng5+. White is missing a bishop, so black puts whites bishop back at f1 (starting square for bishop) before making his next move.

Example 3:

White plays Nd8+. White is missing a bishop, but both starting squares for his bishops (c1 and f1 are occupied, so black can not put a bishop back on its starting square. Game continues without a new piece put on the board.


Example 4:

White plays Qg4+. White is missing a rook, knight, bishop and pawn. Black chooses to put a white pawn back on e2.

Example 5:
Black plays Ra8+. White puts a black knight on g8. Game ends in a draw by stalemate.