Event #61 Rocket launcher

Event #61 Rocket launcher


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #61 Rocket launcher

Condition: At least 1 king for each player. Starting this event may not cause any player to be in check.

As a move a king can shoot on a square 2 squares away from it. Any piece on that square and pieces next to that square becomes captured (both allied and enemy pieces). A king can only shoot a maximum of 3 times.

The blue squares indicates the squares the king can fire on.

The red squares is indicating the area where pieces will be captured after a shot on the d6 square.


Example 1:

White has 3 shots left. White shoots at d6.

The piece on d6 and all pieces on squares next to d6 was captured. White has 2 more shots to be used later in the game.


Example 2:

White has 2 shots left. He shoots on the f1 square (the f2 square would also have worked).

The piece on f1 and all pieces next to it was captured. White has 1 more shot to be used in the game.


Example 3:

White has 1 shot left. Black has 0 shots left. White plays Kd5#

If black had any shots left, then Kd5 would not be a legal move for white since black would be able to shoot on either c6, d6 or e6 to capture whites king. However, black has no shots left and now white is threatening to shoot on c7, d7 or e7 to capture blacks king. Black has no move to escape the check, so he is checkmated.


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