Event #87 Occupying Multiple Squares

Event #87 Occupying Multiple Squares


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #87 Occupying Multiple Squares

Condition: None

Queens, rooks and bishops can stop between squares. They can move ½ square more/less with their normal movement. No capture can be made when stopping between squares and all adjacent squares must be unoccupied. Rooks can not be put between squares when castling.

A piece standing between 2 squares will occupy both those squares.

A piece standing between 4 squares will occupy all 4 squares.

A piece occupying several squares will be treated as if they were standing on all those squares. This means that the piece is blocking other pieces on those squares, can be captured on any of those squares and can move as if it was standing on any of those squares.

Note: A piece occupying multiple squares must be moved as if were standing on any of those squares. It cannot move "along the grid".

Notation: When moving between files, ".5" will be used. When moving between ranks, the letters for both ranks will be used. Example: Qab1.5 is the queen moving between files 1 and 2 and between the ranks a and b.

Example 1:

Whites rook is occupying both a1 and a2. Whites rook can move from any of those squares. The rook can NOT move to b1.5, since the rook can't reach there from either a1 or a2. A legal move, however is Ra7.5#

Whites rook is able to move from either a7 or a8. Black is checkmated.

Example 2:

White plays Bef3.5#

Whites bishop is able to move from either e3, e4, f3 or f4. Black is checkmated.

Example 3:

Whites bishop can be captured on any square it is occupying. Black plays Nxf4

Example 4:

Whites queen is occupying f3, f4, g3 and g4. Whites pawns on f2 and g2 are blocked and cannot move. Whites knight can not move to f3. Whites dark squared bishop can not move to f4, g5 or h6.


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