Event #38 Forward Rotations

Event #38 Forward Rotations


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #38 Forward Rotations

Condition: At least 1 bishop for each player. Starting this event does not cause a player to be in check.

Bishops can only move a maximum of 1 square backwards. When bishops moves forward and reaches the edge of the board (at the side or the last rank), then it can continue moving in the same direction from the other side of the board.

Example 1:

Whites bishop can only move a maximum of 1 space backwards. Bb1 or Bf1 are not legal.

Example 2:

Whites bishop can move along the d3-a6 diagonal and then continue from the other side at the h7-g8 diagonal and capture blacks rook.

Example 3:

Whites bishop can not move backwards to capture blacks rooks, but it can capture them by moving forward.

Example 4:

Whites bishop can only continue at the other side when it is moving forward, so whites bishop can not move backwards to capture any black rook.


Martin0 - Junebug444