Event #47 Watch Tower

Event #47 Watch Tower


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #47 Watch Tower

Type: Rook carrier

Condition: Can not be started with another rook carrier event. At least 1 bishop for each player. At least 1 rook for each player.

As a move a bishop can move on top of an allied rook with its normal movement. Only 1 bishop can stand on top of 1 rook. The bishop must stop on top of the allied rook (it can not move through the rook).

If the rook becomes captured while a bishop is standing on top of it, then the bishop will also get captured.

When a bishop is standing on top of a rook, then the rook can not move. It is not possible to castle with a rook that has a bishop on it either.

As a move, a bishop can move off the rook with its normal movement.

As a move, a bishop on top of a rook can shoot any enemy piece that is standing up to two squares horizontal, vertical or diagonal away from it. It does not matter if a piece is standing in the way (the bishop shoots over it). When the bishop shoots this way, the bishop will stand still and the shot piece becomes captured.

The marked red squares indicate the squares the bishop can shoot on.


Example 1:

Whites bishop can not move on top of the white rook (since it needs to move like a bishop when doing so).


Example 2:

White plays Bg2 and now the bishop is standing on top of the rook. The bishop could not play Bh1 since it cannot move through the rook.

Now white can not move his rook, but he is able to move his bishop off the rook with its normal movement if he wants to.


Example 3:

Whites rook can not move. Whites bishop can shoot either of the pawns on b6, d5 or f5. Whites bishop can also shoot the queen on d6. Whites bishop can not shoot the black bishop on g7, but it can move off the rook and capture it with its normal movement.

White plays Bx@d6

Blacks plays Bxd4