Event #46 Sacrificial Catapult

Event #46 Sacrificial Catapult


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #46 Sacrificial Catapult

Type: Rook carrier

Condition: Can not be started with another rook carrier event. At least 1 rook for each player.

As a move a rook can pick up an allied piece standing 1 square horizontal or vertical away from it. Put the picked up piece on top of the rook.

Rooks can not pick up royal pieces (kings) or a rook that has a piece on it.

If a rook already has a piece on it, then the rook can not pick up another piece.

A piece standing on top of a rook can not move.

As a move, a rook with a piece on it can fire at a square 2 squares horizontal or vertical away from it. When a rook fires this way, then all pieces (friend and foe) standing on that square and 4 squares next to it becomes captured. The piece on top of the rook will also be removed as though it was captured.

A rook can not fire if it results in capturing an allied royal piece (king).

The rook can pick up allied pieces on any of the marked blue squares.

The rook has a piece on it, so it can fire on any of the marked red squares.

Pieces standing on the marked red squares will be captured if whites rook fires at f4.

Example 1:

Whites rook on a1 picks up the pawn on a2. R@a2

Example 2:

Whites rook fires at d7. RFire@d7

The pieces standing on d7, c7 and d8 got captured. The piece on top of the rook was also removed.

Example 3:

Whites rook picks up the white queen. R@h4#

It is checkmate since white is threatening to fire on h7 which captures blacks king. If black would try h6, then white can still fire on h7.

Example 4:

White can not fire on d7, since it would result in capturing the white king. Therefore, black is not in check.


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