Event #121 Knight support

Event #121 Knight support


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #121 Knight support

Condition: At least 1 knight for each player. No player can cause the other player to be in check after adjusting the direction of his knights.

Both players adjust which direction their knights are facing. First the player that started the event chooses the directions of his knights, then the other player chooses the directions of his knights. The directions must be facing either a line or diagonal and a player may choose different directions among their knights.

The knight can change the direction they are facing any time they move. They can also spend a move standing still to change direction. The direction of the knights are part of the 3-fold repetition rule.

If a knight is facing an allied piece that is not a pawn, then that piece can move like a knight in addition to its normal movement.

The blue arrows indicate the different directions the knight can face.

Example 1:

White plays Nf3 and changes direction towards the d1 square.

Example 2:

White spends a move to change the direction of his knight towards h4

Example 3:

Whites knight is facing the bishop on g5, so the bishop on g5 can move like either a bishop or a knight. The bishop on h5 can only move like a bishop.

Example 4:

Whites knight is not facing any allied piece, so no piece gains knight movement.

Example 5:

Pawns are unaffected by this event, so whites pawn just moves like normal.

Example 6:

Whites knight is facing whites king, so whites king can move like a knight in addition to its normal movement. Black is checkmated.