Event #102 Running kings

Event #102 Running kings


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #102 Running kings

Condition: At least 1 king for each player

A king can 3 times during the game move twice during the same turn. The king is allowed to be in check after the first move, but not the second one. The king can not make a second move if the first move is castling. If a player ends their turn with a king on the last rank (8th rank for white, 1st rank for black), then that player wins. However, a player may not leave their king in check when trying to win this way.

Example 1:

Black have 3 more times he can move twice with his king. Black play 1...Kxf7, Ke8

Black can use his ability to move his king twice during the same turn 2 more times this game.


Example 2:

White can use his ability to move twice 1 more time. He can not win by playing Ka8 or Kb8, since then he would be in check, but he can play 1.Kxb7, Kxc8

Whites king reached the 8th rank and therefor white wins.


Example 3:

White can use his ability to move twice 1 more time. Black can not use his ability any more this game. If it was blacks turn, he would be unable to play Kc7, Kd7 or Ke7, since then white could capture blacks king with Kd6,Kxc7 (or whatever square black chose). But it is whites move and white can move his king forward since black can not use his ability anymore. White plays 1.Kd6#

Blacks king is threatened by whites king and he has no legal move to get out of check. So it is a checkmate.


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