Event #37 Queenbuilder

Event #37 Queenbuilder


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #37 Queenbuilder

Type: Rook carrier

Condition: Can not be started with another rook carrier event. At least 1 bishop for each player. At least 1 rook for each player.

As a move a bishop can move on top of an allied rook with its normal movement. Only 1 bishop can stand on top of 1 rook.

When a bishop is standing on top of a rook, then the rook and bishop can move together like a queen as a move.

If the rook becomes captured while a bishop is standing on top of it, then the bishop will also get captured.

As a move, a bishop can move off the rook with its normal movement. However the rook can not move without also moving the bishop.

A rook can be a part of castling, even if it has a bishop on top of it. The bishop will remain on top of the rook.

Note: A bishop can not move over allied rooks, it must stop on top of the rook.

Note 2: Only bishops can move to allied rooks, rooks can not move to allied bishops.

Example 1:

Whites bishop can not move inside the white rook (since it needs to move like a bishop when doing so).

Example 2:

White plays Bg2 (so now the bishop is on top of the rook).

Now white can either move both the rook and bishop like a queen (like RBa2 or RBa8) or white can move the bishop out of the rook.

Example 3:

White plays Bxb7

Example 4:

White plays 0-0