Azovski Zori. Berdyansk, Ukraine

Azovski Zori. Berdyansk, Ukraine


Hello, my dear chess friends!

The Ukrainian Chess Federation postponed awarding a candidate master title to me, despite the standard that I fulfilled in my first tournament over the board (see my previous Zero Rated Tale).

My statistics in the Ukrainian rating list

They told me that they can't give me the title until I've played 21 official games and reached a rating of 2100. Well, a little more games are required since I only have 13 today.

It means I need some more experience. And that's why I went to the coast of the Azov Sea in Berdyansk city, Ukraine, and to participate in the local chess tournament "Azovski Zori".

I got the absolute first place with 8.5 points in 9 games in the Blitz tournament segment of this festival (also rapid and classical chess were played).

I've never had first place, much less one with this much success, and I'm incredibly inspired now.

It was even humorous, because in the middle of the tournament the arbiter and other players asked me if I really had no titles. For some unknown reason, I'm still zero-rated in the list of chess players in Ukraine. 

Photo by Irina Mihno, Facebook

Here are two of my games that I played online in preparation for the tournament.

Thanks for reading, as always!