TOP-5 my wins VS title players

TOP-5 my wins VS title players


Hi, all!

In this post you can read about my best games against title player. 

I'm not a professional chess player, so I can play with real sportsmans just behind the monitor.

I also use the opportunity to fight a strong opponent in simultaneous games. It is here, due to the weakening of attention scattered over many boards, that my victory becomes possible. Although there is no doubt that these opponents will defeat me at a one-on-one game.

I hope that I will not offend the champions, highlighting their defeats, especially since many of the games are highly effective and instructive for all.


All right.


Game 5.

When three pawns are stronger than four pawns. 

That game I was play vs Fide Master from Venesuela Jose Mora Moron in simul, november last year. The game was equal, but White make a miscalculation and lose.

Game 4.

When your queen is far away, and another's close.

It was Serbians Fide Master simul, a nine months ago. White was optimistic about his chances. The opponent refused to draw, but he was not active enough.



Game 3

Undeveloped figures do not attack at full strength

Steven Breckenridge from USA is coach, streamer and Fide Master with ELO 2325. I'm glad that I was able to play in his simulation and, of course, I'm glad that I managed to win the game.

Game 2.
 Attack, sacrifice and win!

Two years ago I was play this game against Fide Master, arbiter and chess coach Renan Reis. Now you see my first victory over a player that exceeds me in rank. 


Game 1.

If you have a good plan A, then you will not need a plan B.

Win as a result of mistakes or blunder - not so great. So my game with american International Master William Paschal a worthy good feedback, because the victory brought me a systematic game in the endgame.