Top 5 my serial sacrifices

Top 5 my serial sacrifices


Hello, my dear friends!

Sacrifice in chess makes any game interesting and turns the board into an arena for a real fight. The ability to sacrifice a pawn or piece at the right time requires not only tactical skill, but also inspiration. And doubly and triply it is necessary, when a fracture is achieved not by a single piece sacrifice, but by two or three!

These games we call "immortal", "evergreen", "diamond".

Today I prepared several games where it took not just a sacrifice, but a sacrifice of several pieces. I hope you will be interested!

5th place

Short distance strike 

4th place

Black hurricane on the board!

3rd place
Epic king hunt

2nd place
Declined gambit is dangerous too!

Each of us would like to play as Magnus Carlsen. I went even further...
1st place
What Magnus forgot about!



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