My good games at this week #65

My good games at this week #65



Regular readers of my blog may remember interesting and rare opening what I learn to play, the Urusov gambit. I already posted interesting games in it, but here are a few more games where my opponents made some dramatically mistakes and lose the game.

The next game took place immediately in the next round of the tournament!

I already made a blog about my favorite gambits. The Wing Gambit is my weapon, which I still use against Sicilian defense.

Other games in this insane gambit line can be found in My Good Games #31  (UAArtur (2094) vs rfll (2125)
(UAArtur (1923) vs Player from Russia (1799) . Enjoy!

Yes. This happened. I really don't play d7-d5 anymore. This is despite the fact that I had some experience that I talked about in my blogs

Top 5 games against Queens Pawn

Top 5 my games in Semi-Slav Defence


My new Benoni adventures also took place this week. The first game that I want to show - I remember a marvelous knight strike. And this time I did not attack!

The next game is also Benoni. But here my opponent was not ready for theoretical discussion. On the contrary. The opening he played as if carelessly. But all the interesting things happened later.
I have a real collection for you

In the past blog we talked about  Hummer of Von Hennig and that I will soon stop practicing this rare gambit.
But as in My Good Games #64 (UAArtur - Player from Germany game) I still have something interesting to show here. I guess I look like a old man who can still show how it was "in the good old days" ... Hehe.
Thank you for reading !!!