My good games at this week #25

My good games at this week #25


Hello, my old and new chess friends!

Do you like traps? How about one trap in which two players got caught this week? 

It was fun!

It happened in an unusual gambit that I use when I see the defense of Caro-Cann on the chess board.

For the second time in the same trouble a much stronger player got after 8 moves. And here it was very interesting. Player from Russia is not resign! It's as if you caught a big fish, but she started dragging you into the water!

Attention! This position you could see in My good games #1

I also managed to organize an old trick. Hehe... You will find many such ones in Let's sacrifice on h7 ! But if you have not read my blog, you can get caught. Hehe...


And now my energetic attack against the French bastions. It is instructive for those who plan to join the Wing Gambiters!

This game perfectly illustrates the main dangers of my gambit. It would look good in Top 5 favorite gambits

Sometimes I hear a exchange variation Ruy Lopez game has a reputation for quiet opening. Hmm. This is a mystery to me. Whenever I have to play it, the board always makes a madness!

I prefer to play super fast blitz. When you have two or three minutes to play the game, more often everything is decided in 20-25 moves. But here is a more longer game.

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