My good games at this week #50

My good games at this week #50


Hello, my old and future chessfriends!

I have a huge lack of free time this week, because I am 

administer the Jacob Yukhtman Memorial online tournament (and player!)
getting ready to stream tomorrow's mega-match Ukraine vs Russia on
and finally I'm still have a flu.

All this did not allow me to play a lot of games this week. I mean, a good games.
But the most important thing. This is my fiftieth blog in this series. I will be glad if you find any words to say something to the author.

In the first game, I used a little-known opening line in an attempt to make the game more fun in such a "strong" opening, as the Russian game.


I would even say: too much.

And traditionally it all ended with provocation and madness on the board.

The second game made me laugh.
I didn’t have to do anything in it except ... remember my last blog.
This is unbelievable, but the game has step by step repeated the defeat of a week ago.

Please take a look in My Good Games #49 to see this!

And now - a few funny examples for my old good blog Let's sacrifice on h7 !

In this game a really strong player trapped!

In the next game, I used a hybrid of several ideas to attack an h7-square.

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