My good games at this week #56

My good games at this week #56


Hello, my dear chess friends!

Today is the day of my highest glory, and I am ready to share my joy with you.

This week began for me with a victory over the FIDE Master in bullet chess. This player from Hungary. I can not tell more detail about the personalities of my opponent, because of the underfilled profile.

The next position appears on my blog more or less regularly. And I am ready to apologize to those who have already seen it.

It is noteworthy that not only on the Internet, but also on the live OTB tournament, I successfully acted out this trap, and even against the title player in my blog

I made several streams this week. If you missed, you can still watch them on my  channel (they are archieved for 14 days).

Several games were quite interesting, and even got on YouTube.

Like this...

Do you remember my crazy idea from the Schilling-Kostić Gambit blog?

Yes, I'm still mad enough for this ....

And finally came Saturday.
That day I played in two big online tournaments.
It took more than three hours to complete. And I also decided tactics, I think, about one hour. It was preparing for the tournaments.
This is a big enough load for such an amateur as me.
At the finish I had a migraine, and there were also a lot of games that I lost on a one-move blunders.

In first round I played against famous 19 years old russian coach, youtuber and professional chess player Vladimir Mikhaylovskiy (FIDE 2316). 

Here is my blog about Efim Geller.

Today Team Ukraine maded the big online Memorial of this great chess player. Among 76 Ukrainian players, including three GMs, I took 16th place. But this tournament was the best luck for me.

In the second round of the Memorial, I played against strong International Master Valery Grinev (FIDE 2417) from Kyiv, Ukraine. This is a well-known in many countries strong club player and chess coach .

This is an unforgettable game, and for me the great honor was not only the opportunity to meet with such a strong player, but also something that we can only dream of.

Final standings Efim Geller online Memorial. March, 09.
Final standings Efim Geller online Memorial. March, 09.

You will understand my joy. I just won the highest rating among all my opponents. Yes, I was jubilant.

I am not a strong player, and I have won only twice from players of the international master level. Both times I talked about this in my blog. See it in My Good Games #7 and My Good Games #54
It's like climbing a mountain.
What's next?
There is only one title left which is unattainable for me.
I happened to successfully act against so titled players. But - only in simuls.

And know what?

There are many strong GMs on But until that day, I had only once meet GM (it was WGM) like player against a player, and it was an great game with some chances for me (My Good Games #54).

Well yes.

This is my first game against real grandmaster.

In the seventh round, we scored the same number of points with GM Evgeny Sharapov from Gola Pristan, Ukraine (FIDE 2368). He is one of prize winners Jacob Yuhtman online Memorial

GM Evgeny Sharapov with Team Ukraine prizes!
GM Evgeny Sharapov with Team Ukraine prizes!

I am usually not sensitive to ratings and losses. But, demm, how I wanted to make a draw in this first game in my life ...

But the result of this game I could not imagine!


Just see it!