What is your favorite move?

What is your favorite move?


Once (it seems, it was a blog of Gregory Serper @Gserper) I met the question: what is your favorite move?

It was unexpected. But I decided to find the answer for myself. Of course, the whole move is unique. After all, they are made in different specific positions on the board! 

I would show you 32.Qxd5+!! from my The best Game of August or any move from the Top 5 amazing moves topic.

No, that is not the question. Perhaps you should point out my most effective move? Oh! Then - no doubt - this is Bxh7+! from Let's sacrifice on h7 ! lesson. I do not know anything more effective. If we count the points that I received after this move, we will break off after two or three hundred, and this is not a joke!

Once I won four games one by one with this move including FIDE 2404 player! This is in My Good Games #55. It seems, I am defeated opponent, whose rating I was just afraid to look at! - say I am in this blog)))

Yes, there are many such games. Still, it does not always look like a fight. More often, it becomes the pursuit of a mistaken opponent ... A masterpiece? Seldom. More often - craft.

What then?
I listened to myself.
And found the answer. Yes!

I have one move that I make with pleasure and the knowledge that this is the prologue for a real adventure! Agree, it is very good if you know such a move?

This is a g2-g4 move! And it is time to show it in all its glory!

This and the next game shows us all the charms of this wonderful move. When the attack and defense reach their peak - bang! - this is an explosion on g4! And often he is unexpected for your opponent, which makes this move a terrible weapon ...

If you do not know what to do - remember my favorite move! Such advice helped me in a game against an extra creative American!
Live video with this game is here My Good Games #67

If you got the Black pieces - do not worry. You can also be different! Here's a move - a mirror image of its white twin, incredible g7-g5!

And finally - the most beloved of my favorites, my discovery of the times when I had just studied Wing Gambit in chess, and I did it not with textbooks, but at the board!

What do you think about it? Is this grand g2-g4 is really good for your attention?


- what is your favorite move?