Team Ukraine Becomes A Real Team

Team Ukraine Becomes A Real Team


Ukraine is a country with a rich chess tradition.

The Ukrainian national team is one of the most active communities on the website

And this December we received an unexpected invitation from the creator of the Rapid-tournament Chess Business League - Dmitry Nikolayenko @Dmytro_Nikolaienko - play in a strong tournament On the Board in Kyiv city!

On Friday, December, 21 UAArtur went to Kyiv to present the third board a new live  chess team called Team Ukraine . I had to fight in front of my friends Alexander Matlak @AlexanderMatlak and IM Victor Sklyarov @viktorskliarov.

It was a fantastic adventure for me. It must be said that I last played at the real board - fifteen years ago. I then became the champion of my university. But I never had a rating or official title.

And I have never been to such a strong tournament.

The tournament is located in the building of the Kyiv Pechersk District State Administration.

Photo by Alex Ostrovskiy

There were a total of ten teams. We ranked fourth in the average rating.

Do I need to talk about my joy to see all my fellow teammates?

My friends @Val1024 , @nerses11 , @supernotar played on this tournament!

The system of drawing the first prize was not easy. The first five rounds, all participants played one-Swiss. Then the teams, whose players collectively scored more, played the champion title in the games of Play-Off: team vs team.

I tried to stay calm and focused, but still had some difficulties, because I did not know how to turn on the electronic clock (I never played with them!). I guess my opponents saw that I was a noob. Their confidence in their victory contributed to my style of play. You know that I sacrifice pawns whenever possible.

This is what happened in the game against a strong Kyivyan Candidate master .

An unexpected start brought me to the first boards In Swiss tournament. And - even a big surprise. In the third round, my opponent is International Master Victor Sklyarov (2390 FIDE).

I did not know what to do. Maybe give up right away? But the game has begun.

It was a great game for me.

In the next round I was again awaited by a strong candidate master.

In the personal Swiss tournament, I took 7th place.
(Before tournament I got a conditional rating of 1900 )

What do you think about my game? Its looks like Patzers adventures on official tournament!

According to the results of the group Swiss tournament, Team Ukraine players ranked 2nd place and went to the playoffs.

However, in the semifinals wery strong team "Столичні адвокати" (IMs and CM) defeated "Team Ukraine" 2-1.

But in the match for 3rd place we were rehabilitated, having won a strong team "Ferrexpo", Poltava city (fully equipped with strong CMs): 2/5 - 0.5.

My specail thanks for

Dmitry Nikolayenko @Dmytro_Nikolaienko

For the organization of this tournament and the invitation of the Team Ukraine!

Sehno Viktor @V1738

For photo / video and upscale reporting!

GM Ruslan Ponomariov @R-Ponomariov and GM Vladymir Baklan

for the unforgettable rewarding of the winners!

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