Top 5 B01-02 games

Top 5 B01-02 games


Greetings,  my friends!

If this is not your first time on my blog, you may know that I am a real fan of the Scandinavian Defense.

Games with this opening often decorate my creative series My Good Games, and also I have a blog with particularly successful games - Ssscandinavian!

Today I rummaged through my collection and prepared five games in which I played White pieces, and my opponent made exactly my favorite move 1 ... d5.

What is this strange B 01-02 in the title?

Will explain. All games with Scandinavian Defense have index B 01. I also added B 02 games to this blog, this is Alekhine Defense games. Yes. Now you know it.

5 place
Terrible miscklick!
To understand this game requires some background! At the beginning of the game, I was inattentive, and my second move is a misclik, that is, my answer, as if a Sicilian defense had taken place in the game. But my opponent made 1 ... d5, and my pre-move put White on the brink of disaster. Although after the game I learned that I had played the little-known Zilbermints gambit.
Then it becomes clear some chaos on the board, those difficult conditions in which I stood, and my provocation worked like a red flag - on the bull. Obviously annoyed by my resistance, my opponent makes a mistake.

4 place

Active King finished attack!

Alekhine's defense is included in our top due to the obvious similarity of the constructions arising in the middle game. There was a hot game here, but I didn’t play the best way, however, the non-obvious march of the White Monarch ended everything! Lol.

This game participated in the vote The best game of June.

3 place
A really, really long attack!
The next game is one of the longest attacks on the kings fortress.

2 place

Bet on the king!

Veri nice game whose intrigue is: Black did not want to take sacrifice, but his opponent offered until it seemed that the situation was fairly safe. And simple tactics finished the game.

This game still remains one of the most high-rated blitz victories for me. Although even more glorious game opens my blog Top 5 miraculous salvation

1 place

Triumph and experiment

The result of my Scandinavian experiments was a completely new gambit.
I will tell in one of the blogs about his ideas. The culmination of the game is a wonderful Queen sacrifice, but it is fair to say that it is prepared by the whole line of the game.

Blog in which I have already shown this game: Top 5 Queens sacrifices

Also it is The Best of August game!