My good games at this week #63

My good games at this week #63


Last week of April, I close with another game report.

Let's start with the opening catastrophes.

Yes, there were a lot of them. And I selected them in all my favorite systems.

Bishop's opening is an old system, which, nevertheless, you can confuse even a player with a good rating! I am in a hurry to confirm my words.

Here is the second game.

What about Scandinavian Defence?

Where the sudden attacks, beloved by us since Ssscandinavian!

Oh, yes. Of course, I have here an something interesting.

As you know, I am learning to play Old Benoni Defence. Maybe I have some success? The number of accidents of my chess opponents increases, and mine - decreases with each week!

The next game was also remembered by witty maneuvers, which ended successfully in the collapse of White.

I hope you enjoy it if you find the move I made. Please!

In this game, too, everything was decided in the opening.

Last week I finished the blog Hummer of Von Hennig

I am glad that readers liked my work. But now I have to look for a new weapon against Caro-Kann. Too many of my opponents are now theoretically prepared!

But know what? I think, I still manage to win here. He-he...

Why do you have such a low rating? This is sometimes asked of me. This is because I am doing "experiments."
Yes, it looks like this ...
I try to come up with the rarest (sometimes "idiotic") move and pretend that it is good.
Red Tablet Gambit

So I created the Noob Gambit (I told about him in blog Top 5 my wins vs title players), the Crazy Dancing (it is in Schilling-Kostic gambit) and Take-all-my Pawns Gambit (The last game in this gambit was shown by me in My Good Games #62, UAArtur - Player from Netherlands game).
Well, now you understand.
This is another my experiment.
Just tested this idea in My Good Games #42 (poligrafpoligrafow - UAArtur).

And one more game in my fav Scandinavian Defence!
Thank you for reading !!!