My good games at this week #67

My good games at this week #67


Today I have a few games that helped brighten me up this week.

It all started with an interesting mistake that happened behind the board against the FIDE Master from Germany Christian Aepfler (FIDE 2257). It seems our blitz game was so fascinating that we both lost attention. Look it!

Also my collection of Wins against titled players has been replenished with a good game against the National Master from Brazil. 

More games in my blog

This played may be two hours ago, on my last stream.

We have already seen more than one experiment on the pages of my blog. I played against Van Geet openingSchilling-Kostic gambit and even a Mao Tse Tung Attack (in My Good games #19) and Mongredien Defense (My Good Games #55). But these wonders even had a name! 

How do you like such an incredibly creative game? I have never seen such ideas. My opponent showed something crazy, but I was pleased with this intense fight.

Maybe call this line in honor of the first pioneer? American Opening? Ha-ha! Why not?

And another fun game, the main idea of which is familiar to the reader of my blog Let's sacrifice on h7 ! .

Thank you for reading !!!
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