My good games at this week #20

My good games at this week #20


Hi, all!

Today there will be a special blog. 

This is the twentieth blog in my biggest series. It's looks like an anniversary.

Twenty weeks ago I started this blog and decided that I will show you my chess game. I did not sure that it would be interesting for somebody. But I started work and I changed some system so that all interesting games appeared in front of the viewer with some explanations from me.

I did one blog a week and during that time I showed 89 my chess games. You could also see lost or drawn my games, but I selected those that seemed interesting to me. The best games got to the vote and formed another series of blogs, called The best of month!

I tried to provide moves with notes, where, to the best of my ability, I showed the meaning of what was happening and what could have happened, but it did not happen on the board. I was not too detailed, because I did not want you to get bored.

I did this every week. Then I received your comments and I was happy that they liked me, amused and even inspired - it was written by my readers. This is a great honor for me. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! And I continue my work.

Now - My good games at this week, number 20!

This week I got the peak for my blitz rating. It was 2125 points. And this is a private record for me on the

Last Sunday I played in the blitz match Ukraine vs. Peru. One of the games turned out so interesting, that, perhaps, it is worth it to show.
Please, write in commentary, what you thinking about this format of my games, may be, video will be more interesting than chess diagramms?

And now a good game with black pieces for me.
You do not miss this combination, if you read my blog Let's sacrifice on h7 !

Add the coment if you like my games!