My good games at this week #22

My good games at this week #22


Hello, my old and new friends!

This week my blitz rating reached 2148, which has never been so high on this site. 

I'll open our selection of games this week with a combination of an interesting gambit. The player from the Philippines already fell under the tactic, and it was also in this gambit. First our game you can see in My Good Games #2. Now he definitely improved his line, but until perfection is so far.
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The next game came to this blog straight from my friend's stream

Now let's move on to the next game. And here I played against Sayan Mondal, National Master from New York, USA (FIDE 2108). 
This is a very strange game. I called her a UFO game. Why?
The fact is that I find it difficult to explain the my opponents actions, somewhere from the seventeenth move. I'll be honest, I did not understand anything on the board ...
I will not give her notes in this regard.

My next opponent was inferior to me in rating, but we were the leaders in the blitz tournament with him, and our game was uncompromising.

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