My good games at this week #38

My good games at this week #38


Hi, there!

And again, I brought you a few games in the friendlist!

We have already spoken about many exotic openings: like a Van Geet openingSchilling-Kostic gambit and even a Mao Tse Tung Attack (My Good games #19). 

But what if your opponent moves 1.e3 ?

You know the concept of "difficult opponent". The next player was out of reach for me when I started playing on ches.сom.
He pounded me in blitz tournaments, and the score of our games grew only in one direction, but I always had zero. Today I have equalized our personal score. And this game, which I wish to show you, has given me an advantage in our random played match!
Our mistakes are perhaps the most valuable experience, and I am glad that I can explore them (and on the pages of this blog too) and improve my game!

And finally, some lively bullet shootings that I hope will amuse you.

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