My good games at this week #61

My good games at this week #61


Hello, my dear chess friends!

Let me introduce you report about my funny, fantastic and interesting games this week. 

In the first game I had to remember my idea from the game almost three years ago.

I just started a detailed blog about this rare gambit (the Secret Gambit, as I called it), and reading it can save you from such thirteen-moves catastrophes.

The original game was published on my blog Top 5 serial sacrifices, which I dedicated to cases where I had to sacrifice not one, but two or more pieces in single game.

The second game began as a theoretical skirmish in my favorite opening, Scandinavian Defense (and I could not retreat, as you understand), but turned into a truly titanic duel.
According to the wishes of my readers, I publish this game with my notes. But we also have the opportunity to watch a live video of this game.

Do not forget about my interesting blog Ssscandinavian!
Next game was random 3-min blitz against National Master from Boston, USA Rob King (FIDE 1998).
A very interesting game spoiled my 32nd move. But neither I nor Rob were upset about it, and even became friends.

You know: I always ended this blog after thematicall Let's sacrifice on h7 !  games.
Today there will be many such games. It seems that the national team "Lovers to miss on h-7 square" decided to explore all possible ways to defended against this very popular combination! Among them were players 2000+ LOL!
First Black began to collect all the "Greek gifts". Not for long.
My king defends himself! - Said the next rated player.
Misconception was short lived. The king did survive, but after material losses.
The third player pretended not to see this damned bishop.
Our fourth board was on the right track?!  And the highest rated player repeated the same thing that a low-ranking chess player did.
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