Shilling-Kostic gambit

Shilling-Kostic gambit



I remember the first game in this gambit well. 

My opponent put the knight on c6 and I made a move Bf1-c4 to play the Italian game. I could not believe my eyes. The knight with c6 jumped on d4.

I've never heard of it. I was surprised. What is it? 

In this blog I will give you an answer.

This opening is called Shilling-Kostic or Blackburne-Shilling Gambit.

We can look at the statistics. And we will see that this is the opening - rarely played in tournaments. If you have sat down at a tournament table, you are more likely to expect 3...Bc5 (Italian game), 3...Nf6 (Two Knights Defence), 3...Be7 (Hungarian Defence), and even such exotic moves as 3...g6, 3...h6 (Anti-Fried Liver Defense), 3...f5 (Rousseau Gambit), but not a 3...Nd4.


The following statistics are much more interesting. Here's what happens in the games of the chess masters after the third move on board.


There is something to think about. Let's take a closer look!


We see that at once two lines are absolutely hopeless for White. If they play 4.Nxe5 or 4.c3, they are trashed in 100 percent of the games. They always lose.

A catastrophe usually happens about like in next game.

I do not think this guy, "Muhlock", was happy with this game. If you meet him, do not say you saw such a thrash!

Good news! If you do not take a e5-pawn , you can get excellent chances in the line with 4.Nxd4. After the exchange of knights, light pieces must be developed. So we get not one extra tempo (like White), but two (one for White color, the second for jump of Black knight on d4). Eighty percent of those who did so won. 

It's all?
Of course not!

I sat down at the board, moved the figures and found another good move. Nothing prevents the castling from making the fourth move, and Black again lagged behind in development a pieces.

I checked this line in one blitz game. White has a good game here, and I can advise you to make castling the fourth move.


But I noticed one more idea. I can not advise her. She's too mad.
She demands to give up a comfortable advantage (see lines 1 and 2) and start a crazy dance on the board!
Do not read further!

It can take over your brain. And you will want to play that way.

And if you play this one time, you can not play another way ...

Are you ready for madness?

Here it is!

I really hope that you enjoyed it. For me it was unforgettable.

The following games I will show in chronological order.

This will show how I improved and finalized the idea that came to me behind the board.

There is no home analysis after the sixth move.

Tabula rasa.

I sacrificed and relied on inspiration.
Lets see next game!

Game number three was short.

Black decided to resign. Just in case.

If you see how he could save his Queen on the eighth move - report it in the commentary!

And now one more game. There was magic here.

Now the choice is yours!

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I hope you liked my blog.