My good games at this week #30

My good games at this week #30


Hello, my dear friends!

Its a new week and I have some Good Games for my blog.

First game I was played in Ukrainian Independence Day (August, 24) blitz tournament. My opponent was Ukrainian chess player, but he is live in Italy now. It was a big surprise, I mean opening in this game.

The Botvinnik system and the related anti-Moscow gambit for it are looks like the Bermuda Triangle. Usual regularities do not work here. Hold the pawn, make a castling on the ruined flank. Only in this system can you do anything that would be bad in another opening. Yes, you should not have any template to play well Botvinnik or Anti-Moskow...

Thats why this game pleased me.

Next game I was played against Player from United Arabian Emirates.

Another interesting games you can see in  Ssscandinavian!

Regular readers of my blog know that I'm finishing the review of weekly games with my favorite combination.
More detail here:
This week I did not deny the pleasure for myself, and caused panic in the ranks of the opponent on h7 square quite often. In these games, it is interesting not only the winning combination, but also the variety of defensive techniques invented by the players who missed Bxh7+ move!

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