Check! Check! Checkmate

Check! Check! Checkmate


Hello everybody!

This week I am close to the most fantastic success of my chess career!  

As you know, the Chess.Com portal has announced a competition for the best game  to be added to the ongoing Immortal Games Collection in

More than 2 500 good games were submitted to the " Immortal Game" contest, ... including grandmasters and world chess champions!

The selection is carried out in five categories. Incredibly (no! Even fantastic!), But my game also got into the top ten games in the nomination for the most beautiful bullet duel! Oh!

This is already a great honor for such a chess dude like me, who learned to play in public gardens, and still does not remember how to switch the electronic chess clock correctly)))

The thirst for chess beauty, burning from within, and your support are all that I have along the way.

My nominated match was a game against a Polish chess player in Bullet. The inspiration, my experience of playing the Scandinavian defense and the memory of Paul Morphy's Opera Game allowed me to make the final combination. If you also love her - you will find some similarities, I think!

Nominated game on Youtube channel

I also submitted another Bullet game. It may have been rejected for lack of originality: this is an improved analysis of Magnus Carlsen's play. But it is also full of action and you can watch it "out of competition".

My another Immortal LIVE

I also sent this Caro-Kann attack to the queen sacrifice category. What do you think about this game?

The low rating of my opponent (and co-author!), I suppose, made it impractical to choose this game, and I am not a player in this category either.

Nominated in "Queens Sacrifice"  

My friend, the legendary Ukrainian grandmaster Mikhail Golubev is also in the main nomination - the new "Immortal" may become his product tomorrow. I recommend viewing his masterpiece and also voting for it now."

Thanks for reading and be safe!