Team Ukraine Jacob Yuhtman online Memorial

Team Ukraine Jacob Yuhtman online Memorial


The blitz marathon (all games was 5/2 time control) lasted from January 01 to February 10, 2019, with 86 players from Ukraine, India and the United States.

The games took place at the portal on Team Ukraine group.

The tournament had real prizes: the book by A.Vayner and O.Tobak "Yakov Yuhtman" (rus). Congratulatory prizes: memorable badges of the Team Ukraine.

Prizes for 1-4 places
Small prizes!

At first stage, chess players took the qualifying stage in 8 group tournaments, and the first three prizewinners from each group came out in the playoffs.

In the next stage of tournament entered the game chess players with a rating  2300+, titled players, and winners  of the "Team Ukraine - Hall of Fame" tournaments.

From the quarter finals, only the heavyweights remained in the arena, and each match was a real chess thriller.

Some matches were not limited to the main time (6 games) and then played a tie-break.

For example, in a fight between Arthur Sevosteyenko (Zaporizhia) and Serhiy Franchuk (Lviv), players needed as many as 6 additional games, and only after this Zaporozhye Cossack won (7-5). It was cool!

Winner of online Memorial Viktor Skliarov

List of winners:

1 place - Viktor Sklyarov @viktorskliarov, International Master, Kyiv.
2 place - Yevgeny Sharapov @evgenysharapov, Grandmaster, Gola Prystan, Ukraine.
3 place - Alexander Matlak @AlexanderMatlak, admin Team Ukraine, Kyiv.
4 place - Orest Vovk @Orest_Vovk, FIDE Master, Kyiv.

The final standings is here

The match was a commemoration of the legendary Odessa blitzer Yakov Yuhtman (1935-1985), one of the biggest сoryphaeus of the Blitz genre in Ukrainian chess.

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Thank you!!!

The Manager of the tournament

@UAArtur , Team Ukraine Admin.