Top 5 attacks in From's Gambit

Top 5 attacks in From's Gambit


This is a great way to answer the first move 1.f2-f4, and, perhaps, the main reason why Bird Opening is rarely used now. From's Gambit is easy to learn and really dangerous for White.

These are my words from the blog Top 5 of my favorite gambits.

Yes, I like an incredible game that starts on the board after the sacrifice of the pawn, and today I prepared for you five of my best games in this gambit.

First, let's see what threats the Black attack has.

In the next game, we see such better defence. I guess my opponent did some home analysis.

Now we will see my games of the match with a player from Russia, who in principle defended the defense of White in the main theoretical line.

Let's decipher the certain success of Black as a consequence of the too straightforward actions of White. Apparently, my opponent highly believed in the viability of his plan, and in the next game he gave an example of more flexible and interesting activities!

And another game, I liked it!

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