My good games at this week #36

My good games at this week #36


Hello, my chess com friends!

Its still a pleasure for me to show you my games of this week, and I hope that they will also entertain you a little!

For start, a one game that may seem a bit ... a little crazy. The fact is that White, using the right of the first move, purposefully brings his position to an estimate of -2 pawns (that is, lost!), And only from this moment, when it is already possible to resign, the struggle begins on the board!

Know what? We have not seen the good old Scandinavian game for a long time!

Yes, this week I often had to go back to almost forgotten variants. Here a game where I had to recall an analysis what I maded three years ago!

You can find two excellent examples with this variant in My Good Games #24

And now - really top game.
I don’t think my sacrifice was correct, but the game was fun (not for my opponent, you understand). I could be a good chess player if it were not for my wild ideas, could I?

Waiting for your feedback on this game. And I invite you to return to My Good Games #8 (UAArtur vs Player from Morocco) , to My Good Games #15 (UAArtur vs Player from Netherlands) and, of course, to Top 5 Italian attacks!

As a child, I always willingly exchanged two rooks against a queen and did not understand asbutly, how can one think that a queen could be weaker? I had to remember these times during the next game. And the queen met the expectations!

And, of course, by tradition of my blog Let's sacrifice on h7 ! 

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