My good games at this week #54

My good games at this week #54


This week was so intense and so crazy that I don’t even know where to start my game report.

I made a streams, played in a blitz tournament and - of course - created my good games. If I am not too annoying with my talk, I will begin and tell you about it!

In the first game, my opponent was defenseless against my gambit and traps in it!

Something more about Von Hennig and another my fav gambits you can read in my blog Top 5 gambits

But it really gets hot when I use my favorite duel blade. I sharpened it quite well, and you, of course, know this gambit.

I have already reported my commitment to such an old, but reliable, opening event as the Scandinavian defense. Here I also sacrifice pawns on every occasion when I play with black pieces. 
But this week, three players used an absolutely identical move (10.Bg5) against me. That I hadn’t met before. Hey! They agreed, or what? I do not know, but it was a real theoretical discussion. That's what happened.

First it was a random bullet game.

What a catastrophe! But in next game my next opponent copy this line too!

Ok-Ok... It seems that we found out that this is not the best line for White. And so, today I play the third game with this move.

I do not know the reason for the popularity of the tenth move (10.Bg5). But it seems that the good old Scandinavian won 3-0 here ... Hehe.

Liked?


UAArturs channel on Twitch

I made a several streams this week. I not only played, but also prepared a lesson for my subscribers. I will be glad to see you, and even if you do not know my language (rus), we will always find interesting games on my stream.
Here is one of these games!


I am sure it was an interesting week.
But the most incredible event happened on Saturday!
My friend @AlexanderMatlak kindly invited me to the tournament Archibaldchess Blitz Cup.

About 150 players played in it. Half was titled. I have never played in any professional leagues and this event become a great experience for me.

My experiments and cheap tricks are usually not a problem for a professional chess player. I played with IM only a few times in my life, and won only once, and it was completely unexpected for me. This game you can see in my Good Games #7.

In the fifth round of the tournament, I saw that my opponent on the board was an upset player rated 400+ from me. It was Israeli and Ukrainian International Master Yuri Zhizmer (FIDE 2339).

I think I was lucky that I looked at his profile only after the game. Otherwise, I would, of course, immediately gave up.
So far I was hoping that a dog would bite him or, maybe, a disconnect would be will happen, and he would not have time to checkmated me in three minutes. Maybe you know the best plan against such a player? Me not. Sorry.

Ok. Now - time for game!

I'm shocked.

This is an absolutely record game for me and the highest victory in my life!

Perhaps my opponent wanted to confuse me with this retro opening. And I am glad that my analysis in the blog about Van Geet Opening helped me in this game.

Next game was against FIDE Master from Russia Kozak Alexander (FIDE 2380).

But after this my adventures are not over!
In the ninth round I scored enough points to get completely unreal opponent.
What could be unreal after IM?
Thats right.
Now I played against International Master and Woman Grandmaster, Ukrainian woman national champion (in 2017) and chess Olympiad bronze winner Julia Osmak (FIDE 2394).
Ukrainian GM Julia Osmak

Hey! Are you jokin?
It is our game.
What do you think about this game?
Please, say me!

And in conclusion of our report - two good games for my old topic

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