My good games at this week #66

My good games at this week #66



I am glad to announce that this week brought me new chess records.

Look at the squally attack that a player from Russia has undergone, having chosen Van Geet Opening against me.

This is a good choice if you want to stun the opponent with something of a theoretical rarity. But the work on the blog Van Geet opening has already raised my skill here, and the result, by the way, was The Best Game of February.

Allow me to put only a video of this game, please! Why? Because it is a pure action with a length of six minutes!

Top-5 My Games on Youtube

In the next game FIDE Master from Serbia Sasa Pantelic (FIDE 2289) played against me. He chose a more traditional line versus my Scandinavian, but I forgot how to play it right there, and instead I made some kind of carnival that confused my opponent... And ... The result was quick and unpredictable!

This game allowed me to set a personal best. My rating on the has become 2245 first for all years!

But the really incredible happened on Friday.

My friend Yuri Solomatin invited me to make a stream from the ARENA KINGS tournament. I was very happy about it.

The beginning of the broadcast turned out to be nervous for me, because one minute before the game my webcam stopped working.

Oh! I still fixed and launched stream.

I tried to be courteous and answered questions from the audience. This distracted my attention. I ruined many games after one-move blunders.

But my game against the streamer and new Grandmaster from Saint-Petersburg, (Russia) Pavel Anisimov (FIDE 2527) was an absolute surprise for both players, I think.

Here I must say that Pavel is a very strong player. He had a great tournament. He won 25 games out of 27 (two lost) and got the incredible third place from 690 players from all over the world.

GM Pavel Anisimov
GM Pavel Anisimov

This game was absolutely my record trophy, and also the second victory over the real Grandmaster in a personal chess battle in my life. I told about the first in My Good Games #56.

The Best Game of November also will interesting for you if you like this game! Enjoy!

So, I got a great week!
I would like to finish with a few little but funny games.

My blog 
will help you not to fall into these traps!

Thank you for reading !!!