Top 5 of my favorite gambits

Top 5 of my favorite gambits


Life is not so much a debt to spend it on boring games.

Therefore, I play gambits whenever possible.

Here are five gambits I like to use.

From's Gambit.

 This is a great way to answer the first move 1.f2-f4, and, perhaps, the main reason why Bird Opening is rarely used now. From's Gambit is easy to learn and really dangerous for White.


Von Hennig Gambit

Know what? I'm still surprised that such a natural variation is still unknown, and the name of this gambit is known only to rare chess gourmets. But this is an important advantage of this opening system, so you can not play flawlessly what you do not know!

Please, say me, if you want a separate topic about this opening!

Greco Gambit
The Italian game and Greco's gambit is not at the height of glory today. It is disturbing to realize that these moves were made on the chess board three hundred years ago. If you know the main theoretical line, you will survive all the Italian challenges, but try to be unsure ... Oh-ho-ho ... You will not forget these adventures, I'm sure.


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Icelandic Gambit

 Scandinavian defense is a specific opening system, and you can have any opinion about it. But in one there is no doubt: if you want a quiet life - do not hold a pawn. Do not even think about it! Because there is an Icelandic gambit ...

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Wing Gambit

This opening system can arise from Sicilian and French defenses. My favorite gambit (for whites) is rare at the highest level, and the reason for this - doubts about its correctness! But if you are so crazy to voluntarily agree to an estimate of -1 or -2 pawns when you exiting the opening, well, no one will forbid you to play the Wing gambit. Ugly, torn and unpredictable positions can become that rock from which you will extract a real diamond!

P.S. The Best game of February and the Best game of March I was played with Wing gambit!

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