My good games at this week #52

My good games at this week #52


Hello, my dear friends!

This week I would call "Scandinavian".
She will be remembered by me for many games in this opening.
For a start - a few first-class miniatures. Here I did not have to put a lot of effort. Faced with an aggressive system, my opponents confused themselves.

In the second game, the 2300+ player laid his head in the mouth of the aggressive gambit.

It is doubly interesting that this is the second good victory over him.

Our first game was in My Good Games #49.

More games you can find in Ssscandinavian!

As you can see, I’m a true Scandinavian player. But in the next game it seemed to me as if I had entered the medieval knight's tournament in cardboard armor.
My opponent was 19-years FIDE Master from Moldova Paula-Alexandra Gitu (FIDE 2072). She is played this game with great inspiration, and it became a good lesson for me.

Well. Good answer to my blog Top 5 my wins vs title players,
don't you think so?

In the next game I had to attack. And it was the Scandinavian again.

About my adventures with white color pieces in the Scandinavian Defence - read here Top 5 B01-02 games.

I have already talked about my favorite gambits.
This week I replenished my chess arsenal with another interesting system. I played this old gambit in first time. Yes. And the first shot was successful for me!

I played in the match of the Maria Muzichuk fan club against the Chinese chess fan club Hou Yifan.
 What do you say about start this match?

My blog about typical sacrifice in some structures (mostly, in French) is still relevant. This simple mistake continues to make many players of different ages, nations and ratings.
Read this blog and do not make such mistakes!

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