Top 5 My wins against titled players
GM Ruslan Ponomariov and UAArtur. December 2018.

Top 5 My wins against titled players



I am amator chess player from Ukraine.

I rarely play chess at the board (although when I did this, I make a report).

Games with experienced and titled players are especially significant for me.

IM Viktor Skliarov and Me getting ready for the game
IM Viktor Skliarov and Me getting ready for the game

Today I have a special blog.

Honestly, the idea of collecting my games against titled players was a long time ago.
I even made this post already. Here

But, creating it, I discovered a disappointing fact.

All my won games turned out to be games in simuls. If I had the honor of meeting a one-on-one master level player, my game was terrible!

I worked on a blog, analyzed my games, and also got some practice over the past year. And this, I dare to hope, slightly improved my game.

And now, after eleven months, I am back to the idea of giving pleasure for a while you with a collection of my games against a pro players!

To my surprise, today I have some choice of going through such my games. And even a few funny ones did not get into our trophy-room.

You can read them yourself in My good games at this week #12 and My good games at this week #51

5th place

Give it to the French!

Blitz game against National Master, coach and streamer from Rochester, USA, Matt Slomski. (FIDE 2068)

Chess Simultaneous Event with Matt Slomski. From Rochester Chess Club Blog

4th place
Pawns! On the assault!
Random blitz game against National Master from Kharkov,Ukraine Diana Mats (FIDE 2015)

3rd place
Noob Gambit...
Blitz tournament game against International Master from Serbia Dragan Tesic (FIDE 2313).

2nd place
Black pieces surprise!
First round game against the FIDE master from Kriviy Rih, Ukraine, Artem Koval (FIDE 2261).
This game my readers have chosen in blog

1st place
Noob Gambit again!

My opponent is an experienced Fide Master from South Africa Charles De Villiers(FIDE 2110). He has won the South African Chess Championship six times; in 1975, 1977, 1981, 1985, 1987 and 1989. Currently resides in Cape Town. Wikipedia

Thanks for readyng.