My good games at this week #24

My good games at this week #24


Good evening!

Its UAArtur!

And I have some good games for you this week. I got a good mood after them, and I wish that it was passed to you too. Ok.

This week began the match of my country (Ukraine) against the Spanish national team for three-day chess. I have to admit my dislike of this control. Why? Because it's very long! But this time my opponent acted phenomenally fast, and we played for a day and a half.

A rather unusual line was shown by my opponent in the next game. But originality did not bring him success this time.

This case is very curious. I played two games and in one strong move was b7-b5, but I made a move с7-c6. In the next game, c7-c6 was stronger, but I chose b7-b5. Chess is incredible game!

And now - it's absolutely the opposite game!

And now an energetic Scandinavian attack!

More interesting games in this opening you can see in my April blog Ssscandinavian!

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