My good games at this week #55

My good games at this week #55


Good evening (or may be, morning), my chess friends!

In my practice, there were such incredible openings like Van Geet openingSchilling-Kostic gambit and even a Mao Tse Tung Attack (in My Good games #19). What about Mongredien Defense? Did you hear about it?

Next game was against FIDE Master from Guatemala Sergio Miguel Garcia Fuentes (FIDE 2167).
I have never practiced chess professionally, and for me always it is an honor to play with an titled player. My best games here: Top 5 my wins vs title players

Here is interesting game from my yesterday stream
On this stream, I talked about a typical combination in the middlegame. I mean, a Let's sacrifice on h7 !  And as a reward, this whole week turned out to be very fruitful on this topic!

In the past My Good Games, I rejoiced at the highest victory on
This seems to be neural, but this week I repeated the achievement, and again defeated my opponent, whose rating I was just afraid to look at!
Even more amazing how I managed it.
So, in this game I played against Ilya Nikolaev, a young chess player from Russia (FIDE 2404).

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