Sunday match and stream

Sunday match and stream


Sunday night I played in a group match on blitz. I was invited by my friend Matt Slomski (@SL0M) and it was very kind of him.

The games were time-controlled 3 min, without adding. The teams represented four players each, and they exchanged blows in their mini-matches, 2 games, one - white, one - black. On the same system, the largest team championship is played on the

Before the start of the match, I had some doubts, because I was inferior in rating to my opponents. But then I decided to play and not thinking about it.

Round 1

In the first round I played against Tomas Sigurdarson from Iceland (FIDE 1998). He played the first game faster and more confidently then me. But then came the turn of the second game ...

Round 2
Next games I was played against Dan Herman from Colorado Springs, USA. I showed talent and managed to lose the game, where I had to win. But I won the second duel, which you can contemplate now!

Round 3
And now my opponent was Colin Stapczynski, this guy is streamer, coach and chess player with FIDE 1989. He won all games in this match until he met with a modest guy from Ukrainegrin.png. Jeremy (you can see him on the stream) and Colin are brothers and professional chess coaches who love And many users this site love them too!

Round 4
It was a last round and I played with Erik Sparenberg from Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands. This is a strong player and he has a FIDE rating 2173, which is confirmed by the official website. We were both pretty tired and I ended up winning both games vs Eric.