My good games at this week #45

My good games at this week #45


Hello, my old and new friends!

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I again approached the level of 2200. This week my rating on is 2186.

This was the result of several interesting games, some of them I will show you now.

The week began for me with an exciting match against the French team. This country is famous for its chess tradition. 
If we talk about the France national team on chess.сom, then you need to know that it has become the leader of the second division in Live Chess World League this year. Well, the triumph of my team in this league is described in detail in this blog Team Ukraine is a double champion
And now a good game from this live match!
Flashback now waiting for us. Question is Why this line was hard for Black?
If you like Italian, more games you can find on my blogs

Why do we need to play and analyze games played by people unknown to us and very far from us? Learn from the mistakes of others, and will not to learn from their own. I would answer like that.
As you may know, it’s hard to find a Scandinavian defense fan like me. I also love to play gambits (see Top 5 my favourite gambits), and the Icelandic gambit, which is a logical continuation of this opening, when they want to win ... both sides.

And finally a great game where my opponent fell into my favorite trap! Yes, we haven't had so much fun for a long time?
Are you remember Let's sacrifice on h7 !

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